28 October 2022

Growing Mango Trees From Seed (Part 2)

(See Part 1 for preparation)

Step 4

After a few weeks the end of the seed will sprout a root system and a shoot with leaves on. In my case this was after around 3 weeks in the warm moist ziplock bag.

Step 5

Fill a pot with some potting compost and carefully lay the seed on top with the root orientated down and the leaf shoot pointing up.

Cover with soil and carefully firm in around the shoot. Water well and place in a warm sunny window. Preferably south facing.

Step 6

Keep watering when the soil dries out. The best way to tell if they need watering is to pick the pot up and if it feels light then it's time for some more water. Never let them stand in water as that will quickly rot the roots.

2 weeks later

8 weeks later

At 3-6 months once the roots are bound to the bottom of the pot it's time to move them into a larger pot  such as one of these from Amazon:

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